One main cause is driver fatigue. These guys are driving long distances, sometimes longer than they should, sometimes on less sleep than they should. Fatigue can definitely result in wrecks. The second cause would be alcohol or drug use, followed by poor training, and speeding. Keep in mind that while a car could legally be doing 70 miles an hour down the highway, semis are usually required to set their maximum speed lower than that. If they are doing the same speed that a car is doing down the highway, particularly in rainy conditions, this can often lead to wrecks. Finally, there’s distracted drivers. Whether it is the driver of the truck or the other vehicle who is distracted, distracted driving is never a good thing on the roadway.

What Are Some Severe Injuries That You See Resulting From Trucking Accidents?

When you are talking about a semi-truck versus a car, it’s not unreasonable to think that death is well within the realm of possibility. Short of death, we see traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), internal bleeding, broken bones, and then anything up to and not as severe as that. That’s not to mention something most people don’t think about: the psychological trauma of being in a wreck and the fear that comes afterwards. Even getting back in your vehicle after being involved in a wreck, particularly one that was outside of your control, can be extremely difficult.

Who Could Be Liable For Injuries Suffered In A Commercial Vehicle Accident In Kentucky?

If the truck driver is 100% at fault, liability will fall on the insurance of the truck, which should step in to cover the damages. Obviously, it’s the truck driver who is literally responsible, plus their company that they worked for, but it’s going to be the insurance covering the vehicle that is going to step in and cover the damages.

If The Trucking Company Is Based Outside Of Kentucky, Does That Make Filing An Injury Claim Any More Complicated?

The only time that filing a claim against an out-of-state vehicle (whether it’s a truck or something else) becomes complicated is when there’s been a hit and run and we have a license plate number but no insurance was listed on the police report. It’s very difficult for us to find insurance on vehicles that are out of state. For commercial vehicles and semi-trucks, we typically know they are going to have coverage on them, and it will be listed on the police report. Even your own personal auto insurance might be carried by an out-of-state carrier, so it’s not a problem for a semi-truck to be based in another state.

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