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For more than a decade, personal injury lawyer Melissa Emery has been providing Kentucky and Indiana residents with goal-oriented,
results-focused legal advice and representation as they seek compensation for their injuries. Browse our practice areas to learn more
about how we can help you.

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We strive to provide accessible legal service that takes the stress off the client so they can focus on getting better and returning to
their normal routine. We’re a personal injury law firm that only represents the injured, not the insurance companies.

At Emery Law Office, the core tenet of our practice is helping the victims of motor vehicle accidents seek recovery and the compensation they deserve. We chose to focus specifically in one area of law to ensure that our clients would be treated with the individual care and consideration necessary to truly help them. For over ten years, the attorneys at Emery Law Office have used this client-centered approach to assist clients in Louisville, KY, and beyond. Call today to see how we may be able to help you!

While the primary focus of the team at Emery Law Office is injuries resulting from vehicle accidents, there are many forms in which it can appear. For example, a government municipal vehicle crash would be handled differently than a standard civilian accident. While it may seem as though focusing on one area limits the scope of work, a Personal Injury Lawyer may have many types of cases within that field.

Whether by bicycle, bus, truck, or motorcycle, your injury claim may be valuable beyond what you initially thought. By offering free initial consultations, 30-minute insurance policy reviews, and 30-minute police report reviews, there is no need for uncertainty regarding your claim. We will analyze your case’s unique details and give you an open and honest gauge on the strength of your case and next steps. Once you have the complete image,  the added assistance of a personal injury attorney’s opinion can help you decide what steps to take next.

An important thing to consider is, even though you have hired a personal injury lawyer and are being well represented, the decisions on the case are still entirely up to you. We will guide you through every stage of the process, but ultimately, you will remain in control. After all, it is your injury, and the most favorable result is subjective to each client.

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Our reputable, talented team members are among the top in their respective fields. We care about our clients and our community
and will work tirelessly to achieve exceptional results for you.

Melissa Emery, Esq.

Melissa Emery

Attorney and Practice Owner

I became a lawyer because I feel I was called to help others. I believe that you can make your life better by helping other people make their lives better because I’ve experienced it firsthand. With every case I take, I remind myself that the goal is not to get revenge or win a huge payout but to help victims secure the money they need to recover from their injuries.


Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the United States every year and make up a large portion of practice at Emery Law Office. Not only does that mean you will find an excellent and seasoned attorney for your accident, but you will also find the knowledge necessary to the area local to you. In Louisville, KY, as in many states, there are specific guidelines and practices relating to personal injury. By finding an attorney close to home, you can ensure they will be knowledgeable in the policies of the locale.

Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents tend to be slightly more complicated than those involving civilian vehicles due to the nature of truck insurance carried by large companies. Even if the driver was at fault, the chances are high that you will be contending with a high-powered insurance company that will attempt to devalue your claim in any way possible. They may even try to deny responsibility and place the liability on the truck operator, making it significantly harder to claim the compensation to which you are entitled. When preparing to face any insurance company and especially a high-powered company, it is critical to have a Lawyer who you know will advocate and fight for you every step of the way.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

The potential for bodily harm when struck on a bike or as a pedestrian near the road skyrockets. In these cases, possibly even more so than in other vehicle crashes, it is essential to receive a settlement that will account for any possible medical implications or debilitating conditions. Anything from last wages to emotional or physical trauma resulting from your injuries can significantly increase the value of your claim. To ensure you receive a settlement that will allow you a full recovery for any resulting pain, contact a Lawyer with experience handling bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When struck by a commercial vehicle, the odds are that the company that owns the vehicle will be liable rather than the driver. This means that they will already have established attorneys to work with their insurance company and ensure that your claim is diminished as much as possible. Insurance companies are not concerned with your well being or recovery, choosing instead to continue lining their pockets with as much of your money they can keep as possible. Contacting an attorney who handles commercial vehicle accidents in Louisville, KY, ensures that you have the resources and team to advocate on your behalf against the “big guys.”

At Emery Law Office, we are committed to offering compassionate and diligent service to every client who comes through the door. We will explain the process in terms relatable to the everyday individual and ensure that you are deeply integrated into the decision-making process. To schedule your
initial consultation or any other free 30-minute services, call our office in Louisville, KY, at your earliest convenience.

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