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March 8, 20210

Truck drivers are required to meet specific physical qualification standards to safely operate commercial vehicles. However, an audit from the Department of Transportation found flaws and gaps in the federal regulator’s monitoring qualification standards. Ensuring that truck drivers met medical qualifications is crucial to keeping our roads safe.

Recording Flaws Affect Truck Driving Safety Standards

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is required to ensure that commercial drivers meet physical qualification standards to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. However, the lengthy outage of medical examiners has caused a backlog in reporting. Even with the lack of reporting, the FMCSA hasn’t made any attempts to implement periodic medical exams to ensure safe driving performance. Not only have medical records been missing, but records have also been falsified. Since August 2014, the Office of Inspector General investigations has resulted in 14 convictions involving fraudulent medical certifications.

Failing to keep track of driver’s medical conditions or preventing fraudulent activities can put the lives of truck drivers and passenger drivers at risk. Whether truck drivers are required to take medication or wear glasses on the road, the FMCSA’s medical examinations should be able to track that information to help them take proactive measures to drive safely.

San Francisco Truck Accident Attorneys

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