Brain InjuriesIs a Neuropsychological Exam Necessary After Suffering a Brain Injury?

January 4, 20220

After a person suffers a minor or severe brain injury, doctors often use MRI or C.T. scans to help identify lesions and determine if there is any neurocognitive dysfunction. However, even with a C.T. scan or MRI, doctors might not be able see all of the neurocognitive dysfunctions and legions in an injured brain. In cases where it’s difficult to get an accurate C.T. scan or MRI, doctors might recommend neuropsychological testing to help them gain a better understanding of any neurocognitive issues a person with a brain injury might be experiencing and how to adequately treat them.

How Does a Neuropsychological Exam Work?

A doctor called a neuropsychologist will have the person with a brain injury perform written and verbal tests. The neuropsychologist might also test the injured person’s ability to manipulate their hands and fingers. A neuropsychological exam usually takes a day, sometimes two days to complete.

The tests gauge the injured person’ s memory, attention, processing, and speed by assessing how long it takes them to do various tasks. Neuropsychological tests also assess a person’s reasoning ability, judgment, problem solving, and spatial skills, as well as their language skills and ability to read.

The results of a neuropsychological exam are compared with results from others of the same sex, age group, race, and education to help figure out the root of any neurocognitive dysfunctions. These tests also help doctors rule out if the neurocognitive dysfunction is the result of the brain injury or if it is the result of the normal aging process or a psychological disorder like depression or anxiety. The tests also help doctors understand the extent of the issue, how the neurocognitive functioning is affected, and which parts of the brain are impacted.

Neuropsychological tests also help doctors treating patients with brain injuries determine a baseline for future testing and understand which types of treatments can help improve the symptoms. This type of testing also helps doctors provide guidance to the patient’s other treating doctors how best to offer treatment and what kind of treatment options are available for the patient’s particular problem.

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