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October 8, 20210

Seniors often fear that a fall might cause them to break their hip or hurt their back, but they don’t know that falls can often result in even greater injuries. Countless medical studies show that seniors hitting their head can have deadly consequences – such as brain injuries. Our San Francisco brain injury attorneys have put together shocking statistics about the commonality of elders sustaining brain injuries.

Brain Injuries & Seniors

Every year, one out of three adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall. Over 85 percent of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in adults over the age of 65 are caused by falls. Studies also show that TBI is responsible for more than 800,000 emergency department visits each year, and three-quarters of these visits result in hospitalization as a result of the injury.

Adults aged 75 and older have the highest rates of TBI-related hospitalization and death. One of the greatest dangers of TBIs in seniors is that signs and symptoms are often overlooked. Mild traumatic brain injuries in senior citizens are often misidentified as “confusion,” frustration, or just “old age.”

How Can Seniors Prevent Sustaining Brain Injuries?

One of the best ways to take precautions against brain injuries is to fall-proof your home. Fall-proofing tools, such as moving clutter, cords, and adding equipment to move through stairs can help avoid sudden falls. Seniors on medications called “blood thinners” should always see a doctor after a fall or impact to the head since this type of medication can make bleeding in the brain worse.

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